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We have affordable apartments for rent in Manayunk, PA located in Roxborough in the area of northwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently housing between 50-75 individuals, the 20+ apartment properties range from small studio apartments to spacious four bedroom homes. They are all in the Manayunk region of Philadelphia County. With more than 60 years of apartment and housing rental experience in my family, we cater to our tennents’ needs and are known for being the friendly landlords around town. Since plumbing, handywork and home repair are our expertise and family business, we certainly have the knowledge, abilities and tools to allow for worry-free living. View our currently available units below and see our other available units for any guest listings that may be available.

With such a vast inventory of rental properties available in the Manayunk area, we should be able to place you into a unit that suits you. Have any questions or are interested in seeing one of the apartments? Call (484) 530-0369 or e-mail roxmanapt@verizon.net. Thank you for your consideration in your apartment search and I hope we can be of service to you now or in the future. If you are leaving us, we wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.


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